Loyalty Point Cards

Cloud 9 would like to reward our loyal customers with a point card system. To help us to continue offering great programs, please note the following rules and guidelines.


Earn Stamps 

With every $10 that is spent per purchase (transaction) in store, you receive one stamp. Multiple purchases cannot be combined. 

  • i.e., Person 1 spends $16.34. One stamp will be awarded. 
  • i.e., Person 2 makes two separate purchases: $11.22 and $9.90. One stamp will be awarded because only the first purchase meets the $10 minimum.
  • i.e., Person 3 spend $39.89. Three stamps will be awarded. 


  • Cards will expire one year from the date that the first point was acquired. 
  • Points are non-transferrable between friends or extended family members. Points are transferrable between immediate family members only.
  • Cards cannot be exchanged for cash or cash credit. 
  • Lost cards will not be replaced. Remember to put your name on the card!
  • Cloud 9 may discontinue the Loyalty Point Card program without prior notice. 

A Free Single Cheese Burger On Us

Please bring in your completed card with 15 points to receive a free single cheese burger. We would like to thank you for enjoying our homemade recipes, and for being an integral part of our Cloud 9 family. Thank you!